• Custom designs to meet a variety of applications
  • Diameters available ranging from 8.2mm & 11.2mm

  • Pipe plug immersion heaters
  • Pipe flange immersion heaters
  • Over-the-side immersion heaters

  • A variety of material and watt density combinations are available to meet your application

  • Insert or Slip in Type
    Duct Heaters
  • Flange or Cylindrical Type Duct Heaters

  • Portable fan heater
  • Convection heater

Ceramic Bobbin Heaters
  • Halogen, Infared & Ceramic Bobbin Heaters
  • Is transfer of heat energy by infared waves

  • Flanged Hot Water Meters
  • Compact Heat Meters
  • Air DP Switches
  • Thyristor Controller
  • Immersion Sensor Pockets
  • Terminal Unit Valve Actuators

  • Single Circulation Oven
  • Double Circulation Oven

09-Marine Calorifiers
  • Mega Yacht Type Electric Water Heater Boilers
  • Marine Type Calorifier Tank

Manufacturer of Electric Heat Products. As specialists in the science and manufacture of electric heat products, We serves an array of national and international customers. A team approach and commitment to Total Quality, combined with encouraged customer interaction, fosters a unique and effective environment for concept development, prototype design and testing, and manufacture of top-quality products. Types of heaters we manufacture are cartridge, flanged immersion, fluid & air circulation, infrared process, refrigeration defrost, screw plug immersion, tubular & finned elements.